NRA-B8 at 25 Yards, More of The Same

'Nother day, 'nother B-8 at 25 yards. 10 rounds. Stock Glock 19 of course, with Defoor sights added. Handloads all day every day.


When I see results like this, I can usually find the culprit to be "not enough finger on the trigger". It always pushes things left. 

Oddly enough, when they're pushed left, the elevation isn't terrible. But when the windage is fine, the elevation needs tuning.


One of these days, I'll get them both lined up. 


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Ruger Predator Reloading Fail

My previous handloads with the Ruger Predator 308 had quite the sticky bolt after firing. I reduced the charges to try and improve this, but that lost the node and didn't do much for the bolt lift. Here's a 200 yard group, shot on yesterday's Glock target backer. 




I'm going to postpone further load dev until I can get my hands on some Varget. It's not worth chasing the wind with the H380 I've got on hand from the 2008 election powder drought. It worked very well in my old 26" Remington, but that's a different story. 


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Benched the Glock at 25 Yards on a B-8

Realized that I've never shot the G19 from the bench. So I did.  


Five rounds smashed themselves into the lower "group" and the others went high. I think it was sight alignment error, I was bedded down very solidly on sandbags.  


It would be super cool if I could get them all grouped in the same zip code.  


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Blog Housekeeping

Ugh. Sorry about the lack of consistency lately. I've still been shooting though, I have about five posts that I need to write and get scheduled. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten you. 

Here's a picture of the Ruger to tide you over. 



Sometimes. It just doesn't happen.


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What I Learned After 20 Cold Bore Shots with the Ruger American Predator

I recently finished a series of 20 shots fired on 20 different days at 200 yards, from a cold bore, on a single IDPA-style target. This was to see what my average capabilities are, starting cold without any sighters. I chose 200 yards because it's a reasonable distance for hunting in my area.

The rifle and ammo details:

  • Ruger American Predator in 308 Winchester
  • SWFA Super Sniper 10x with rear parallax adjustment, MIL/MOA
  • Burris Xtreme Tactical Rings
  • Surefire Procomp muzzle brake
  • ZQI M80 ball ammunition
  • Harris 6-9" notched leg bipod for some shots

This is not a blog about gear, it's a blog about shooting. With that being said, a brief word about equipment selection is in order. Nothing about this rifle can be considered "high-end". The total cost of the rig was under $900, not including ammo. Yes, it still needs a sling. But this is a budget setup, with budget ammo. That's the brief word on gear.

I also know that 200 yards is not a far distance, especially for this rifle and scope combination. It was a good start with the ammunition used. I may do another, similar run at 400 or even 500 yards when I get a good load worked up. For now, the ZQI was convenient and definitely good enough for a 200 yard deer vital shot.


Here are links and a summary to each shot fired:

  • SHOT 1: Bipod prone with rear sandbag.
  • SHOT 2: Bipod prone with rear sandbag.
  • SHOT 3: Seated in pickup bed, tailgate support.
  • SHOT 4: Standing in bed of Kawasaki Mule, using roof for bipod support. No rear bag.
  • SHOT 5: Bipod prone with rear sandbag.
  • SHOT 6: Seated in pickup bed, using tailgate for support.
  • SHOT 7: Bipod prone, no rear support.
  • SHOT 8: High because of idiot dialing error. Kneeling with sandbagged support.
  • SHOT 9: High because of idiot dialing error. Kneeling with sandbagged support.
  • SHOT 10: Supported standing, using Kawasaki Mule roof pillar. 
  • SHOT 11: Miss after running 400 yards, kneeling with sandbagged support.
  • SHOT 12: Seated in Kawasaki Mule, braced against the roof support.
  • SHOT 13: Kneeling with sandbagged support, into the rising sun.
  • SHOT 14: Seated in Kawasaki Mule, braced against the roof support.
  • SHOT 15: Kneeling with support elbow on left knee.
  • SHOT 16: Standing, no support.
  • SHOT 17: Kneeling with tripod support.
  • SHOT 18: Tripod support from the standing position.
  • SHOT 19: Standing, no support. 
  • SHOT 20: Sitting, with elbows on knees. No other support.

Naturally, this information is quite useful going into hunting season.


So, what are the takeaways?

  • I need to work on my unsupported positional shooting.
  • If I can brace against something, anything, it works much better.
  • Keeping track of things like where your turrets are really matters. It's best to have a habitual system and protocol for adjustments, so that you don't forget what's what.
  • There are very few times that I used the bipod in a traditional prone position, due to terrain features. Getting higher is a needed skill.

This was a very education experiment, and I hope you enjoy reading through the links. 


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Knocking the Rust Off the G19 at 25 Yards

Wow. It's been a couple of weeks (since before my Nashville trip) that I've shot the Glock. My only real excuse is that I haven't had time to fire up the Dillon. But I did that, then shot 10 rounds at the 25 yard steel plate. 


 Ignore the extra impacts. Those are old. 


Connected 6/10 times. This is a very perishable skill for me, unfortunately. Hopefully I can get it back with some dryfire and consistent practice. More Blue Bullets are en route.


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American Predator 308 Cold Bore 19/20

Offhand at 200 yards. Set up with an awesome NPOA, and a generous level of torque between my hands. I've found the torque really reduces the wiggle. A shooter far better than myself taught me that one. 



One more to go. Then I have to draw some type of conclusion.  


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Ruger American Predator 308 Cold Bore #18/20

Number 18 out of 20 cold bore shots with the Ruger American landed almost perfectly on top of shot number three. I almost gave up looking for it and called it a miss, but kept searching because the shot felt good. And there it was.


This shot was taken from the same tripod as the last one, only from the standing position. It's super flexible and made it really hard to get a good NPOA. It worked well enough, though. It still is terrible.


Almost done with the 20 day/200 yard/20 cold bore shot experiment. What should I do next?


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